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Valentino Sale designer sneakers

Le 2 June 2016, 09:28 dans Humeurs 0

There are countless things that people who've died young miss out on, and for the fashion-forward who've passed, that includes trendy consumer items. Au Yeung Pin Chi in Hong Kong makes and sells burnable paper effigies</strong> in the shapes of Gucci purses</strong>, Wayfarers, and Valentino Sale designer sneakers, as part of a Chinese custom Valentino Shoes Sale of incinerating paper symbols of items in order to "deliver" them to the deceased. Among the older effigy-making generations, Au Yeung's creative products are becoming increasingly popular. Yeung posits that perhaps Making paper effigies of trend items makes death seem less frightening." (CNN) 

Valentino Shoes Sale our mini

Le 30 May 2016, 09:51 dans Humeurs 0

When Madewell's</strong> newest, sharpest denim and modern vintage-inspired separates hit their shelves, we're always first in line for the goods. So, it makes perfect sense that your favorite editors at Refinery29</strong> have partnered up with Madewell to launch the n n Very Vintage Boutique</strong>n </strong>n online. This personally curated selection highlights amazing one-of-a-kind vintage pieces that are a perfect match for Madewell's latest well-hewn denim cuts, which includes the Widelegger jean that we'll be getting plenty of mileage out of this spring! You can shop this limited collection of must-haves right now or come along when Madewell and our eagle-eyed vintage huntress, Refinery29 Editor-in-Chief Christene Barberich, hit the road on a cross-country Jeans Journey</strong>, celebrating their new Valentino Sale denim collection and our mutual obsession with amazing vintage. Stopping in NYC, Los Angeles, and Austin, TX, the Madewell Jeans Journey events will host one-of-a-kind vintage steals, brand-new Madewell denim for mixing and matching, and lots of cocktails and snacks, not to mention personal styling advice for each and every one of you. Shop Valentino Shoes Sale our mini vintage treasure trove online, join us on the Jeans Journey, or, for those who dream big (we're talking $2,000 big), Madewell is offering one Refinery29 reader a chance to spend a weekend in New York, and team up with Christene for wardrobe revamping to the tune of $2,000 at the Soho Madewell store. So, ladies...let the Journey begin! 

Valentino Shoes the Atlantic

Le 25 May 2016, 14:10 dans Humeurs 0

Unless you were a student at Pratt, it used to be that a movie at BAM or a quickie spin through Target on Flatbush Avenue were the top draws for luring folks to Brooklyn's Fort Greene area</strong>. But since the explosion that is the Brooklyn Flea Market along with a host of other cool boutiques and exceptional little eateries, the artsy area that hasn't quite surrendered to full-on gentrification (and that's how we like it!) has emerged as one of Brooklyn's most inviting neighborhoods. Here's where we shop when we get off the G train.

Saffron</strong>, 31 Hanson Place (between St. Felix St and Fort Greene Place)
718-852-6053 Just across the street from Valentino Shoes the Atlantic Terminal is vintage clothing store and florist Saffron, which features an eclectically bizarre mix of prepster looks from Woolrich and Pendleton rubbing shoulders with ancient kimonos. Bonus points for traditional Japanese Ikebana floral bouquets and the rotating monthly artists' gallery. Prices range from $5 for vintage post-cards to $400 for one-of-a-kind Japanese haoris.


Indie fashion spot Cloth lays Valentino Sale claim to being Fort Greene's first venue for local fashionistas. This bold assertion is backed up by threads from Velvet, Park Vogel, American Vintage, and Stewart+Brown. Thrown into the mix are goodies from Brooklyn's handcrafted-soap-maker Saipua and, on our last visit, some adorable kid-sized galoshes. For $60 you can score knit tees from Velvet. 22k Diamond Briolette earrings by Margaret Solow will set you back $580.

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